MISSY  MILLER   Presents...

Showstoppers Academy Policies

  1. Food, drinks and chewing gum are NOT allowed in the rehearsal areas. Water in a closed container is acceptable.
  2. Parents are NOT allowed in the rehearsal areas or backstage during performances.  Students will learn more if there are fewer distractions. Parents of new students may observe the first 2 trial classes.  All new students will take 2 classes on a trial basis before being enrolled. This screening process will allow us to evaluate children to see if they are suitable for the program based on their attention span and ability.
  3. Electronic devices of any kind are not allowed in the rehearsal area or backstage during performances. Cell phones, gaming devices, i-pods, etc. will be collected from students and returned upon conclusion of the class or the performance.
  4. If a student becomes a discipline problem after being accepted into the program, they will be asked to leave the room.  The 2nd time, they will be asked to call for a ride home. The 3rd time may result in dismissal from the group or a probationary period for the student.
  5. If a student is going to being late or miss a class, please call 210-564-9985 or send an email to pattyv@missymillerpresents.com . Three no call, no shows to class may result in dismissal from the group.
  6. Students are NOT allowed out of the building or off the premises during classes. We are NOT a baby-sitting facility and we will take appropriate actions on tardy pick-ups

 Showstoppers Academy Attire                                                  
The Showstoppers Academy is an active learning environment. Students are encouraged to dress in a comfortable style that will allow them to move freely when stretching and dancing. Each student is responsible for bringing a pair of black jazz shoes with them for use in classes and performances.  Jeans and flip flops are NOT allowed and hair must be pulled back from face at all times.

Showstoppers Academy Productions                                        
Every year, all Showstopper students perform in a minimum of four to five productions. Typically, these shows are during the spring, summer, Halloween and Holiday seasons.  Every child will perform in each production.  There are several full ensemble performances along with performances by each team, additional duets, solos and feature numbers as decided by the Director.

Showstoppers Academy Production Policies

  1. Parents are NOT permitted backstage at any time before, during or after the show.
  2. Food and drink are NOT permitted backstage.  Closed water containers are permitted.
  3. Costume costs will vary with productions and payment amounts and due dates will be sent home with the students.
  4. Students should report to the theatre at their mandatory call time with their hair and makeup done, and hair should be worn out of the face unless instructed otherwise.
  5. One week prior to performance will be mandatory rehearsal week. Each student is required to attend these rehearsals.  If a student is going to miss a mandatory rehearsal or a performance, a written notification must be turned in, in advance no less than two weeks prior to the opening.